JustBeing Janine: Music, Food and Joy 

Make Music, Grow Food and Consume Both 

Hi there, and welcome to my first blog post of JustBeing Janine. The idea of "creating music, growing food, and consuming both" have infused my soul like a cup of hot coffee on a cold Virginia morning. Simply put, music and gardening have the potential to change lives and encourage socialization among people, and that's my aim. So come on along and stay with me for this ride, as I trust that God has given me everything I need to maintain the trajectory, and therefore, I have nothing to fear.

Make Music 

My first event of 2019 was an unexpected gift that allowed me to share music at the Phil Carter LIVE from Suwalki, Poland CD Release Party. It was wonderful to see many of my friends and family rocking, swaying, smiling and clapping to the music! It thrills me to see people enjoying themselves. Of course, in retrospect, I wish that I’d thought to organize a “Meet me in the corner at the back for a group photo” before the show, but I’ve included a few pics below for the record and another video from that show. If you guys have other pictures, please share and I will post them in the upcoming blog! If you have venues/gigs in your area that you think might be of interest, please let me know. I am also booking The Janine Sound Concert Experience for your in-home entertainment or other intimate venues.  Currently booking concerts for May - September.  Also, see the “What’s New” section below.  




Listen by clicking the image: Janine E. Payne singing Steadfast Love of the Lord/Great Is Thy Faithfulness


Grow Food 

This is my fourth vegetable gardening season, and I can’t tell you the number of friends who think I’m some sort of hero because I can plant a seed or two, and that food actually grows.  Believe me, if I can garden, so can you. I have vivid memories of spending time in my grandparent’s garden. Particularly, on two separate occasions, I recall my grandmother showing me how to harvest green beans and radishes (okay, she likely said, “Jan, just pull them up and put em’ in the bag”), but who am I to spoil a good memory? My grandparent’s garden was full of flowers, and humungous apple, pear and cherry trees. My grandmother made preserves from the apples and pears, and my siblings, cousins and I delighted in enjoying the fallen fruit (before the bees got to them) because we dared not try to climb the trees to retrieve fruit as we would have only been met by one of my grandparents as soon as we hit the ground! These memories remind me that growing food is not a foreign concept, is very doable, and now I better understand why I have the desire to share what I know. 

I will host several spring workshops beginning with How to Garden in Smaller Spaces and Beginning Gardening and Tools.  I believe that we should share what we know:  organize, bring people together, and share. BTW, are there any other veggie or flower gardeners in the house? Stay tuned and watch this space. In the meantime, see below some pics from my 2017 and 2018 gardens. 



Consume Both 

There’s something stimulating about writing music, performing, and/or planning your garden (for me…this starts right after Christmas).  You put your heart into every facet with hopes of other’s consuming what is produced. It is the joy on the faces of people that I described above during my performance in late January, and the lifting of forks to dive into food that I’ve grown that makes it all worthwhile. 

Everything that slows us down and forces patience, and everything that sets us back into the slow circles of nature, is a help. Gardening is an instrument of grace. — May Sarton 

“I love that it takes humans – people energy…and the focus and dedication toward creating and growing is rewarded through consumption, sharing, and then delightedly starting all over again.” — Janine Payne (JustBeing Janine) 

What’s New! 

  • My Joy! I’m singing at a health and rehabilitation facility in No. VA. Over the last 5 years, I have been blessed to volunteer as a guest soloist at health and rehabilitation and assisted living facilities. It is my joy to prepare and bring a few songs for their enjoyment, and although these events may be winding down, I’ve usually gained more joy from these “gigs” than I’ve been able to pour out. It's such a blessing. 
  • Coming soon! I plan to share with you tidbits of new music that I’m working on. I also have a few cover songs "in my belly" that just won't go away - you'll be the first to hear them. I look forward to offering you a few other surprises in the very near future. 
  • Remember, I’m planning to host a few spring workshops - to start: How to Garden in Smaller Spaces, Beginning Gardening and Tools. 

I’ll send out registrations for the music sessions and gardening workshops soon.

Until then, thanks for reading and please comment below to share your thoughts about this blog!


A Story Steeped in Sound and Music History 

Janine is an American singer in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia area whose vocal style gives life to lyrics. Her extraordinary rich, deep velvet tones and powerful lower register, masters the range and interpretations to the likes of Nina Simone, Sarah Vaughan, and Mahalia Jackson. Listen here to enjoy her unique sound. 

Janine grew up listening to great Gospel quartet harmonies from her grandparent’s stairway during lively rehearsals of the Famous Soul Revivals to which her grandfather, Clifton Smith Sr. was a member. This music remains at her core and plays a role in her style of performing vintage and contemporary gospel and R/B. She hails from a family of great gospel singers and often speaks of her experiences in the Clifton Smith Sr. Family Singers; eponymous for her grandfather, which is where she acquired a love and belief that her gift is to be shared with others.  Her father Eddie B’s love of music also inspires many of her music selections with reference to her “Daddy’s record box” that included many greats such as Mahalia Jackson, Louis Armstrong and Lou Rawls.

Janine is also passionate about vegetable gardening and is on a special mission to "Share What She Knows" about this wonderful hobby with anyone willing to listen! She says that "The idea of "making music, growing food, and consuming both" have infused my soul like a cup of hot coffee on a cold Virginia morning. Simply put, music and gardening have the potential to change lives and encourages socialization among people...that's my aim." 

For bookings, reach her here.